Safety valves for cryogenic services and industrial applications

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As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety valves for cryogenic service, LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and industrial applications HEROSE provides safety around the world for the handling of technical gases, steams and liquids. Also in range: DIN EN Standard valves and valves for oil-cooled transformers.

HEROSE products

CombiPressureregulator 4186

HEROSE has completed its range of products for stationary tanks in cryogenic engineering with the newly developed CombiPressureregulator 4186. Technical gases e.g. nitrogen, oxygen or argon are stored here at a constant pressure as cryogenic liquids. The CombiPressureregulator ensures that a constant pressure is maintained in the tank during the entire operation, tank filling and removal from the tank as well as the results of pressure compensation due to heat losses – and all without additional energy! Temperatures down to –196°C and the extreme operating conditions of up to 38 bar are successfully covered by the new CombiPressureregulator. HEROSE will market a stainless steel type with a Kv-value of 1 m³/h as the first model, also suitable for the food sector. For the future, a CombiPressureregulator with a Kv value of at least 3.2 m³/h is being developed. All valves which are needed for cryogenic tanks are now available from a single source with proven HEROSE quality. With this, HEROSE is now available as complete supplier.

Stainless steel diverter ball valve Type 06520/06530

The tried-and-tested Type 06510 diverter ball valve is now also available in 2 stainless steel versions. The Type 06520 with stainless steel housing and brass internal components is ideal for use in corrosive atmospheres, e.g. in locations near to sea water. In addition, the full stainless steel version, Type 06530, can also be used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors due to its FDA conformity.

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High pressure safety valve Type 06850/06855

HEROSE now also secures pressures up to 250 bar in the industrial sector. With the new Type 06850 and 06855 stainless steel high pressure safety valves, HEROSE is expanding the performance range of its safety valves. The first version implements a diameter of 10 mm with various connections.?? Thanks to its full stainless steel construction, as well as its approval for vapours, gases and liquids, it is suitable for a wide range of applications for chemical and industrial processes.

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Transformer gate valve Type 09320 for Off-Shore use

HEROSE has upgraded its standard Type 09320 transformer gate valve for use in offshore applications in order to continue to supply products for the field of renewable energy. This includes the fact that the entire housing is produced from sea water resistant material. The transformers are located out at sea in so-called offshore parks and are therefore continually exposed to the weather.